Trusted by professional athletes and the military, validated through peer-reviewed research and clinical trials, Soma is engineered to enhance human performance.

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Our research-backed cognitive performance solution, engineered in collaboration with top universities, is designed to monitor mental fatigue, assess concussion, validate cognitive supplements, and expand an athlete's cognitive and physical capacity.

Soma has been proven to create psycho-physiological changes in the brain, enabling athletes to perform at higher levels with less perceived effort and make better decisions under fatigue.

Monitor an athlete's cognitive and physiological data on an average and a minute-by-minute basis, allowing you to identify cognitive and physiological breaking points.

With Soma's detailed insights, you can create highly customized, data-driven cognitive training plans that can be easily integrated into any environment. Supported by peer-reviewed research and clinical trials, Soma exemplifies where human capacity meets limitless potential.



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Soma NPT is a cognitive training app that is trusted by professional athletes, the military, and leading universities worldwide. It has been validated through peer-reviewed research and clinical trials.

Soma NPT is utilized for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Brain Endurance Training (BET)
  • Mental Fatigue Monitoring
  • Concussion Management
  • Mental Toughness Training
  • Cognitive Priming
  • Cognitive Training for the Elderly
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cognitive Supplements

Soma Analytics serves as the neural engine that enhances and connects with Soma NPT. It allows the monitoring of cognitive and physiological metrics, both on an average and a minute-by-minute basis. This enables the creation of highly personalized cognitive training programs, tailored to the individual needs of each user.

Features Include:

Plan Builder: This feature allows for the creation of highly personalized cognitive training programs, tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

Training Modes: Engineered to enhance the brain's resilience against both mental and physical fatigue.

Overview: Monitor session data to evaluate cognitive load and track data trends across a mesocycle.

Trends: Track task trends over time, with options to filter by duration and training mode.

Profiling: Track performance for each task across metrics categorized as elite, average, or poor.

Baselines: Monitor baseline performance for each individual task, as well as the overall baseline.

Calendar: View a user’s tasks performed, task duration, and total session duration per day.

Scales: Apply fatigue, effort, and exertion scales after tasks to monitor trends.

Monitor Mean & Minute-by-Minute Data Trends in:

  • Reaction Time
  • Speed
  • Variation
  • RCS
  • Accuracy
  • BPM (Beats Per Minute)
  • rMSSD (Root Mean Square of Successive Differences)
  • SDNN (Standard Deviation of NN Intervals)
  • RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion)
  • RMF (Rate of Mental Fatigue)
  • RME (Rate of Mental Effort)

Yes, it is possible to use Soma NPT on its own. However, it's important to note that Soma NPT and Soma Analytics are designed to function together as an integrated, comprehensive solution. While you can certainly access and benefit from the core features of Soma NPT independently, opting out of Soma Analytics may result in a more limited experience.

Soma Analytics complements Soma NPT by providing deeper insights, enhanced tracking capabilities, and more personalized training options. Together, they offer a fuller, more enriching experience aimed at maximizing your cognitive training outcomes.

At Soma, we prioritize a comprehensive onboarding process over a free trial. This approach ensures that each of our customers receives the utmost benefit from our platform. Our onboarding process is designed to thoroughly educate you with Soma.

Cognitive & Physiological Mean Data: Learn about Soma's detailed insights that drives performance. Gain deep insight into each measure and understand what they assess.

  • Reaction Time
  • Speed
  • Variation
  • RCS
  • Accuracy
  • rMSSD
  • SDNN
  • RPE
  • RME
  • RMF

Minute on Minute Data: Delve into Soma's detailed minute on minute data and understand how to interpret minute on minute trends and understand a users cognitive & physiological breaking points.

Specialized Training Modes: Explore Soma's 15 specialized training modes that are engineered to enhance cognitive performance, measure attentional capacity, decision making behaviour and much more.

Custom Cognitive Training Plans: Learn how to design a training plan that aligns with your users specific cognitive goals.

Baseline Data Interpretation: Understand baseline data and how to interpret data.

Soma Profiling: Familiarize yourself with Soma's profiling system, including trends and scales, for a comprehensive view of cognitive performance.

Integration Strategies: Discover effective strategies to integrate Soma seamlessly into any routine.

Periodization of Cognitive Training: Learn how to structure a cognitive training plan for optimal results.

Monitoring Mental Fatigue: Understand how to monitor and manage mental fatigue effectively.

Identifying Psychomotor Fatigue Threshold: Find out how to determine a users psychomotor fatigue threshold for better training efficiency. routine.

Progressive Plan Development: Master the art of progressing a cognitive training plan strategically.

We believe this in-depth onboarding experience offers far more value than a conventional free trial, as it empowers you to maximize the use of Soma from day one.

Absolutely! After your payment is successfully processed, we provide a comprehensive onboarding experience with Soma. This is designed to ensure that you fully understand and can effectively utilize all the features and benefits our service offers. Our goal is to make your transition as smooth and beneficial as possible, so you can make the most out of Soma right from the start.

Yes, we certainly do! For more detailed information about our personalized 1-1 coaching services, please feel free to reach out to us at hi@soma-npt.ch. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with all the necessary details and assist you in taking the next steps towards a tailored coaching experience.

A Soma ID refers to a unique 6-digit code, allowing access to log in to Soma NPT.

Soma IDs serve the purpose of enabling large organizations to provide access for their athletes to Soma NPT.

Definitely! After your athlete obtains access to Soma NPT, they can easily share their Soma ID with you. This allows you to monitor their training progress and devise tailored cognitive training strategies that cater specifically to their needs. This method is particularly advantageous for smaller organizations or teams. It enables personalized cognitive training while alleviating the financial burden on the organization. Each athlete manages their own subscription, making this a cost-effective solution for all involved.

Important Notes:

  • iTunes Purchases: If an athlete has subscribed to Soma NPT through iTunes, they should log in using the device they initially used for registration. This is essential as the subscription is linked to their specific iTunes account.
  • Multi-Device Access: If you prefer your athletes to have the flexibility of logging in from any iOS device, consider opting for a Soma ID purchase through Soma Analytics. This will expand their access options, making it more convenient and versatile.