Soma Technologies is a cognitive performance

training platform utilised by professional

athletes, military, and universities

around the world.

Soma Technologies is a cognitive performance training platform utilised by professional athletes, military, and universities around the world.

The Cognitive
Training Tool

Soma NPT is the mobile cognitive performance tool designed to increase an athlete's physical and mental capacity.

  • Price49 Swiss Francs/month

  • AvailabilityiPad, iPhone


Soma NPT’s diverse portfolio of over 80 validated cognitive tasks can be interacted with touch, voice, or heart rate. This provides athlete’s with dynamic, highly engaging cognitive training sessions.


Neural Link

neural enginer

Soma Analytics is the neural link to Soma NPT providing 14 real-time detailed cognitive and physiological measures as well as Minute on Minute (MoM) insights.

Soma Analytics creates a seamless cognitive training experience with Soma NPT with the ability to manipulate task placement, duration, intensity, and cognitive load with specialised training modes.

  • Price299 Swiss Francs/month

  • AvailabilityDesktop, Laptop

Data Insights

Data Insights

Soma Analytics provides key insights to create data-driven cognitive performance programs by calculating multiple cognitive and physiological measures.


Maximise the use of Soma NPTs cutting-edge mobile technology and Analytics platform.


Cognitive Program Design

Cognitive Program Design

Learn how to design data-driven cognitive training programs for your athletes.


Periodisation combined with detailed cognitive and physiological insights ensures the success of the cognitive training program.




Apply specialised training modes to push an athlete to their limits and ensure the cognitive training is dynamic, challenging, and engaging.


Soma Technologies Road Map to Enhancing Cognitive Performance.


What is Brain Endurance Training (BET)?

What is Brain Endurance Training (BET)?

Learn how BET conditions the brain to withstand mental and physical fatigue.

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Get Started with cognitive performance technology engineered to push the limits of human performance.

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Learning Centre

Learning Centre

Learn the best and most effective ways to integrate our innovative mobile technology for cognitive performance.


Mobile Cognitive Performance


Soma NPT

Neuro Performance Technology

Soma NPT is used extensively in professional sport and the military, to increase cognitive and physical performance. Soma NPTs efficacy is documented by peer-reviewed, evidence-based, scientific research.

49 Swiss Francs

/ month / per user

app store

Monitor Unlimited Athletes


Soma Analytics

Neuro Performance Technology

Soma Analytics is the neural link between coach and athlete that allows seamless integration into any training environment with Soma NPTs mobile technology.

No need for big equipment.

299 Swiss Francs

/ month

Coaches, clubs and teams

Create a Soma Analytics account and purchase Soma IDs for your athletes and get started with Soma Technologies. Athletes can login to any apple device with their Soma ID number and perform their cognitive training.

Coaches, clubs and teams



Download Soma NPT and login with your Soma ID your coach, club or team has provided, or subscribe via iTunes and start your cognitive training today.


Soma NPTs mobile cognitive performance technology has been proven to

  • Create a larger capacity for mental and physical fatigue
  • Increase accuracy
  • Increase focus
  • Increase mental toughness
  • Enable an athlete to work harder for longer
  • Increase response speed & decision making
  • Reduce perception of effort
  • Increase pre-frontal oxygenation

Scientifically Proven

The efficacy of Soma Technologies innovative mobile technology are documented by peer-reviewed, evidence-based, scientific research.

Scientifically Proven

Trusted by

Teams, Coaches, Brands & Athletes from these organisations:


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A SOMA ID is a 6 digit code that gives access to Soma NPT.

This means that athletes can log in to Soma NPT from different devices. They can use their own device for remote training (if required) or they can sign in to a device at your training facility. As long as they are logged in with their own SOMA ID, their data will link to Soma Analytics.

Yes, you can purchase Soma IDs via Soma Analytics and your athlete only needs to enter their 6-digit ID to enter Soma NPT.

Yes, if you would prefer this method your athlete can purchase their own Soma ID via the App Store and give you their Soma ID code to monitor and create their cognitive training, otherwise, you can purchase Soma ID access for them via Soma Analytics.

  • Soma Analytics
  • iPads or iPhones

Athletes can use their own device for remote training or they can sign in to a device at your training facility with their Soma ID.

Athletes only require Soma NPT.

Login with your Soma ID your coach, club or team has provided, or subscribe via iTunes.

If purchased via iTunes

All subscriptions can be managed via iTunes

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap your name.
  • Tap Subscriptions.
  • Tap the subscription that you want to manage.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription. If you don’t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already canceled and won't renew.

Please do not email us to cancel as we have no ability to cancel Apple subscriptions made through your iTunes account.

We do not offer free trials for any of the Soma Technologies.

Soma Technologies offers 24/7 support via our chat system, which is always one click away. You’ll always have a knowledgeable team member on the other end.

Keeping support solely online allows us to better help your inquiry in a speedy and more efficient manner, as our team is able to focus all of their energy on your inquiry with the fewest number of distractions and interruptions possible. This in turn means that your inquiry is ultimately resolved faster. We believe it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone.

Here are a few additional reasons why:

  • A chat allows us to immediately pull information for your inquiry quickly from our online resources.
  • We’re able to automatically gather technical information for research and troubleshooting purposes and link you directly to our online Help Center
  • All support chats and conversations are stored for access at all times. This allows anyone on our team to easily pick up where another left off, therefore never having to ask you questions twice.

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