Soma Technologies is the leading cognitive

performance training platform trusted by

professional athletes, military, and universities

around the world.

Soma Technologies is the leading cognitive performance training platform trusted by professional athletes, military, and universities around the world.

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Cognitive Training for Athletes
with Soma NPT

Athletic Cognitive

Elevate athletic potential to the next level with cognitive training for athletes using Soma NPT. This pioneering mobile tool is designed to enrich both your athletes physical and mental abilities, helping them gain that competitive edge.

Soma NPT stands at the forefront of research in Cognitive Sports Performance. This tool isn't just about enhancing athletic performance, it's about optimizing cognitive function and decision making in high-pressure situations.


Whether you're in need of effective training tools or striving for enhanced performance,
Soma is your go-to solution.

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20+ Specialised

Training Modes

80+ Cognitive


Heart Rate Zone

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cognitive training

Cognitive Training and
Sharpened Decision Making

Unlock superior athletic performance with Soma’s groundbreaking cognitive
training for athletes.

Engage with more than 80 validated tasks using touch, voice, or heart rate. This interactive approach prepares you to take your athletes training journey to unprecedented heights.


baseline comparison
Double Mackworth
Stroop Test
baseline comparison
Double Mackworth
Stroop Test

In the competitive world of sports, an athlete's ability to react quickly is crucial. Enhancing reaction time in sport can mean the difference between seizing victory or facing defeat.

Soma targets this vital aspect of performance by offering a platform for improving your athletes decision making speed and precision.

Through sophisticated cognitive training, we take athletes beyond the conventional physical conditioning.


We facilitate the honing of mental agility, providing a comprehensive performance boost.

Soma equips athletes with tools to improve decision making, accelerate reaction time, and cultivate a stronger mental game overall.


Cognitive Training for
Athletes with Soma

Soma is revolutionizing cognitive training for athletes and the military with its unique mobile cognitive performance lab.


Available anywhere, anytime, Soma's innovation in enhancing decision-making skills and overall sports performance is truly a game-changer.



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49 Swiss Francs / per month / per user

iPhone, iPad

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The Neural Bridge
To Soma NPT

Serving as the neural bridge to Soma NPT, Soma Analytics provides unparalleled access to real-time cognitive and physiological metrics.

soma analytics

Redefining Cognitive

Soma Analytics offers a constant flow of detailed insights, updating every minute for streamlined and efficient cognitive training for athletes.

The power of Soma Analytics lies in its ability to tailor various aspects of cognitive training. Whether it's adjusting task placement, duration, intensity, or cognitive load.

Reaction MoM

Harness the power of Soma Analytics, a revolutionary tool that brings data to the forefront of athletic training.

Use our sophisticated analytics platform to make informed decisions and build effective cognitive training programs tailored to each athlete's unique needs.

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Soma Analytics is designed to deliver comprehensive insights, allowing you to track progress, identify areas of improvement, and achieve superior cognitive and physical performance.

Baseline Comparison

Redefining Limits With


Athletes consistently strive for peak performance, pushing themselves to their utmost capabilities.

To realize these ambitions, cognitive training for athletes has emerged as an effective tool, especially when incorporating cutting-edge approaches such as Soma.


Soma Analytics integrates training modes into cognitive tasks to increase cognitive load.


By combining Soma NPT and Soma Analytics, the reach of cognitive training for athletes is greatly amplified.

Design and optimize a cognitive training
program with Soma Analytics.

With our globally accessible Soma ID, you can deliver cognitive training programs to your athletes, no matter where they are.

Our innovative mobile technology ensures easy integration into any environment, needing nothing more than an iPhone or iPad. Your athletes can log in to their own device or any device within your facility using their unique 6-digit Soma ID.

Provide your athletes' with the best in cognitive training.

Help them make the leap from good to great with our cutting-edge, data-driven decision-making tools. Be part of the movement that is transforming the world of sports through scientifically driven cognitive training.


Soma Analytics paired with Soma NPT’s state-of-the-art mobile neurotechnology, allows you to unlock untold potential, empowering athletes like never before.

299 Swiss Francs / month

Desktop, Laptop


Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

At Soma Technologies, we've been collaborating with top universities around the world and delving deep into Brain Endurance Training (BET), Mental Fatigue, Concussion, Mental Toughness Training, Cognitive Priming and Cognitive Supplements.

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Soma Analytics and Soma NPT
for Smaller Organizations

Soma Analytics

For smaller organizations, Soma Analytics is an essential tool to invest in.

It offers valuable cognitive & physiological data that can help you gain better insights and allows you to create data-driven cognitive training plans that can be easily accessed and utilized through each Soma ID.

299 Swiss Francs / month

Get Started Get Started
Coach Panel

Soma NPT

To improve cost-effectiveness, it is recommended that the individuals you work with, purchase their own access to Soma NPT through iTunes and share their Soma ID with you.

This allows you to monitor all their data through Soma Analytics and send cognitive training plans directly to their Soma ID.

49 Swiss Francs / month


How does it work?

First, you would subscribe to Soma Analytics for 299 Swiss Francs per month.

Soma Analytics

Your athletes would then subscribe to Soma NPT for 49 Swiss Francs per month.


Each athlete would then share their unique Soma ID with you. This way, you'd be able to view their individual data on your Soma Analytics dashboard.

It means you'd have the ability to monitor their cognitive and physiological status, analyze their performance, and create customized cognitive training plans for them based on their individual needs.

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Small Organisation

This option is suitable for smaller organizations because it allows for personalized cognitive training without requiring a large financial commitment from the organization.

Instead, each individual athlete takes responsibility for their own subscription, which makes this option more cost-effective.

Soma Analytics and Soma NPT
for Larger Organizations

For larger organizations with a number of individuals, purchasing Soma Analytics is still necessary.

However, you also have the option to purchase a number of Soma IDs via Soma Analytics, for access to Soma NPT. You can then allocate each individual with a Soma ID, that you can monitor via Soma Analytics.


How does it work?

For a coach managing a larger organization, the combination of Soma Analytics and Soma NPT could be utilized in the following manner:


PURCHASE Soma Analytics


This will provide you with the comprehensive tools needed to monitor and evaluate the cognitive and physiological performance of your athletes.

Soma Profiling



Make your subscription process efficient and hassle-free with Soma Analytics. Simply purchase a batch of Soma IDs to provide effortless access to Soma NPT for a large group of individuals.


Here's an example of how this might work:

Let's say you're a coach of a football team with 30 players. After subscribing to Soma Analytics, you then purchase 30 Soma IDs for your players.

You distribute these Soma IDs to each player, which they use to log into Soma NPT. The players then follow their cognitive training plans on their own devices, and the data from their sessions is automatically synced with your Soma Analytics account.

Football Team
Neural Link

This setup allows you to monitor the progress and status of each player, as their Soma ID is linked with your Soma Analytics account.

Soma Analytics MoM

You can then use the gathered data to customize their training plans, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve their performance.

This approach suits larger organizations as it simplifies management, provides easy access to data, and offers a cost-effective solution for providing cognitive training to a large number of individuals.

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