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Soma Npt

Soma NPT is a game changing mobile app that connects to Soma Analytics to create a comprehensive mobile solution for cognitive training and analysis. Utilized in peer-reviewed research and clinical trials, Soma is trusted by professional athletes, the military, and leading universities worldwide. Soma stands at the forefront of research in several key areas: Brain Endurance Training, Mental Fatigue, Concussion, Mental Toughness Training, Cognitive Priming, The Effects of Mental Fatigue, Cognitive Training for the Elderly, and the Effectiveness of Cognitive Supplements.

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49 Swiss Francs / user / month

Soma analytics

Soma Analytics acts as the powerhouse behind Soma NPT, providing capabilities to track performance metrics on both an average and minute-by-minute basis. This helps in recognizing performance patterns and understanding cognitive and physiological thresholds. Engineered to assess and monitor mental fatigue, concussion, and enhance cognitive & physical performance, Soma is unrivaled in its use of combined mobile and cloud technologies to provide an integrated solution. The fusion of Soma NPT with Soma Analytics amplifies its functionality, allowing for performance optimization, comprehensive monitoring of cognitive and physiological data, and the creation of personalized training programs.

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299 Swiss Francs / month


  • Monitor and combat cognitive and physiological fatigue

  • Sharpen decision-making skills

  • Increase mental toughness

  • Create psycho-physiological adaptations

  • Prime cognitive performance

  • Seamlessly combine cognitive and physical training

  • Detect mental fatigue early to safeguard performance

  • Monitor concussion through cognitive & physiological insights

  • Analyze data minute-by-minute to pinpoint the “breaking point”

  • Assess attentional capacity and multitasking abilities

  • Engage with tasks using touch, voice, and heart rate

  • Send automated baseline and trend reports straight to a user's device

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