Soma Technologies provides a mobile cognitive

performance lab for athletes and the military

that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Soma Technologies provides a mobile cognitive performance lab for athletes and the military that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Cognitive Performance
In Your Pocket.

Soma Analytics allows coaches, clubs, and teams to connect directly to their athletes anywhere in the world via the athlete’s 6-digit Soma ID code.
Athletes only need an iPhone or iPad to access Soma NPT.

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1 Soma ID.
Any Device. Any Time.

Athletes can access their custom cognitive training plan from their club, coach, or team and log in on any iOS device with their unique Soma ID code. Universities, top sports teams, and large organisations are already taking advantage of mobile technology to improve efficiency and compliance.

training iphone
training iphone


Soma NPT can be easily integrated into any training regime, Soma mobile technology allows easy transitions between physical training and cognitive training.


Pre Training Integration

Performing cognitive training prior to physical training.


Concurrent Integration

Combining cognitive training while engaging in cardiovascular training.

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Intermixed Integration

Performing cognitive tasks during rest periods of physical training sessions.

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Post Training Integration

Performing cognitive training directly after physical training.



soma Npt

training Solution


Soma Analytics provides 14 real-time detailed cognitive and physiological measures as well as Minute on Minute (MoM) insights that enable you to monitor an athlete's cognitive and physiological breaking points.


Load Management

Load management is vital for success with cognitive training. Overall cognitive load can be monitored and altered specifically per individual, or for an entire team with Soma Analytics.


In-House Training

With Soma Technologies, you can train more athletes in less time. With large-sized hardware, you are limited to 1 athlete per training session. With Soma NPT, you can have 5 athletes each on their own iPhone or iPad, at your facility, performing their cognitive training. This means instead of training only 2 athletes per hour, you can train 10 per hour, on a more dynamic and integrated system.

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Remote Training

Soma Technologies allows coaches, clubs, and teams to monitor their athletes remotely so they can send cognitive training plans directly to their devices.

Therefore, training could also happen remotely, according to the athlete’s schedule, even if they are travelling. Athletes simply log in with their Soma ID and perform the training plan, no matter where they are.


Progress happens with consistent training, and remote training removes traditional barriers to consistent training like distance, travel schedule, away games, and even injury.

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