Manipulate cognitive load with

specialised training modes.

Manipulate cognitive load with specialised training modes.

Engage and push
an athletes cognitive limits

Cognitive demands need to be continually incrementally increased or few gains are seen.

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Soma Analytics allows you to apply specialised training modes on top of traditional cognitive tasks within Soma NPT.

These specialised training modes allow you to create dynamic cognitive training plans that constantly push your athletes in their cognitive training.

Feedback Mode

Audiovisual feedback modes give performance feedback to an athlete to manipulate their behaviour and optimize cognitive performance.

  • - Audio
  • - Visual
  • + Audio
  • + Visual
  • -+ Audio
  • -+ Visual

Error Detection

Error detection mode allows coaches to assess an athlete's behaviour to incorrect responses.


Consequence mode is designed to increase punishment sensitivity and train mental toughness by applying a time penalty for every incorrect response.

Detection Response

Detection response task mode provides insights into an athlete's attentional capacity for specific cognitive tasks.

Time To Exhaustion

Time to exhaustion mode pushes athletes to maintain high levels of attention.

Visual Percentile
Feedback Mode

Visual percentile feedback mode gives athletes percentage of change feedback from the previous correct response.


Adaptive Mode adjusts the task difficulty based on the athletes cognitive performance.

Heart Rate Zone

Heart Rate Zone mode allows athletes to train at a fixed HR zone while completing their cognitive training.

Exertion Mode

Cardiovascular exertion mode enables athletes to physically exert themselves to select the answer to the cognitive task with their heart rate.

Adaptive Heart
Rate Zone Mode

Adaptive Heart Rate Zone Mode takes athletes through multiple heart rate zones while they are performing their cognitive training.

Adaptive Heart Rate
Variability Mode

Adaptive Heart Rate Variability adapt the cognitive stress based on the athletes physiological stress.

Task Switching

Task Switching Mode provides athletes with a secondary high load cognitive task.

Deviating Pacing

Deviating Pacing Mode pushes athletes to maintain high levels of cognitive processing with minimal deviations in performance.

Physical Consequence

Physical Consequence Mode is designed to increase punishment sensitivity by getting the athlete to physically exert themselves every time they make an error.

Time Pressure

Time Pressure Mode is designed to create additional time pressure.

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