Soma Technologies Road Map

to Enhancing Cognitive Performance.

Soma Technologies Road Map to Enhancing Cognitive Performance.


Get Started

Learn how to get started with Soma Technologies as a coach, club or team.

Soma Analytics Onboarding

Create an account with Soma Analytics and complete our interactive onboarding, to learn how to get the most out of Soma Analytics and Soma NPTs cutting-edge mobile neurotechnology.

Setup Soma IDs

Purchase Soma IDs for your athletes or have your athletes subscribe via iTunes and provide you with their Soma ID.

Create Cognitive Training Programs

Creative dynamic data-driven cognitive training programs for your athletes anywhere in the world.

Cognitive Tasks

Select cognitive tasks from Soma’s diverse portfolio of over 80 cognitive tasks.


Specialised Training Modes

Layer cognitive tasks with specialised training modes to manipulate the overall cognitive load.


Cognitive Periodisation

Periodise the cognitive training plan by manipulating intensity, duration, frequency, and overall load with modes.

Schedule Or Push

Schedule your athlete’s cognitive training plan or push it instantly to their Soma ID.

Analyse Insights

Analyse your athlete’s cognitive and physiological data insights and optimise their cognitive training.

Help Center

Learn the best and most effective ways to use Soma Technologies.

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