Soma Technologies neurotechnology is designed to increase an athletes neural capacity. Increasing neural capacity means an athletes brain can handle more mental and physical fatigue. Mental fatigue has been shown over many studies to have a detrimental effect on the performance of an athlete, both mentally and physically. Athletes under mental fatigue are less able to withstand physical discomfort and tiredness, are more likely to make mistakes and are less consistent performers. Expanding the mental capacity of an athlete is vital to enable them to consistently perform at the highest possible level.

Athletes must become comfortable at being uncomfortable and going beyond their neural limits in order to create adaptations in the brain. This cognitive training must be placed into a proper periodised cognitive performance plan in order to provide maximum benefits for the athlete. It is important that athletes reach the correct cognitive threshold in their training as this can make the difference between incredible results and none at all.

Competition is never perfect. Factors such as travel, social media and fan pressure, media and rigorous physical training and competition schedules, mean that athletes are under more mental and physical pressure than ever before. We must prepare our athletes for adverse circumstances by mentally training them under the conditions that could otherwise completely throw them off their game. This is what Soma technologies specialises in.

Soma Technologies is neurotechnology specifically designed to increase the capacity of the brain.

We train the brain to fatigue and the brain responds by becoming more resilient to both mental and physical fatigue.

Mental fatigue impacts our perception of effort which will in turn decrease our mental and physical capacity. The higher our perceived effort, the less access we have to our physical capabilities. No matter how well trained or elite we are. This therefore creates a detrimental knock on effect to performance. Additionally, it has also been shown that mental fatigue decreases prefrontal oxygenation which also limits capacity and performance.

Performing Brain Endurance Training (BET) with Soma Technologies can expand an athletes neural capacity and also alter prefrontal oxygenation giving athletes greater cognitive and physical capacity.

This is an absolute game changer for human performance and pushing the limits.

You could have the best physical prep in the world but if you are not looking at conditioning the brain appropriately, you are leaving a lot on the table.

When we deliberately induce mental fatigue, the brain responds to the extra load by adapting in order to handle it. We effectively create a “stronger brain” meaning the capacity for mental and physical fatigue is increased.

Soma NPT is a neurotechnology training app that is designed to increase an athletes neural capacity to handle more mental and physical fatigue.

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Soma NPT Vision is a sports vision training app that combines eye tracking cognitive training with sports vision training to increase athletic visual performance

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Soma Analytics is our cloud based analytics for Soma NPT and Soma NPT Vision that helps you understand your athletes cognitive performance. Soma Analytics provides you with the tools to turn insights into individualised performance plans.

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Our extensive education system teaches you how to get the most out of Soma Technologies. Learn how to plan, periodise, integrate and analyse your athletes cognitive training. Soma Technologies Education System gives you the latest education and science to maximize human performance.

49 Swiss francs per month

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49 Swiss francs per month

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149 Swiss francs per month

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Soma NPT requires iOS 12 or later.

Soma NPT Vision requires

  • An iOS device with front-facing TrueDepth camera:
  • iOS 11.0 or later
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11 Series
  • iPhone 12 Series
  • iPad Pro (11-inch) or iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 3rd generation

We do not offer free trials for any of the Soma Technologies