Soma NPT Vision brings the latest eye tracking technology to your mobile device so you can train sports vision anytime anywhere.

Maintaining high levels of visual attention for long periods can induce high levels of mental fatigue. High mental fatigue levels lead to slower evaluation of information and slower decision making. Mental fatigue increases an athletes perception of effort which will in turn will decrease their mental and physical capacity. With an increased perception of effort, an athlete has less access to their physical and mental reserves, regardless of how well trained they are. This creates a knock on effect to performance.

Sports vision is a popular training tool among the elite today. While there are many ways to train sports vision, most products are large and require a lot of space and set up. This is not always practical. Training with an application means that training sessions can be completed anywhere. Sports vision neurotechnology can be more easily assimilated into a training regime when the training tool is flexible and mobile.

Adherence to a program is vital to results and having a mobile solution to sports vision and cognitive training removes barriers to program compliance. A seamless system gives consistent results.

Soma NPT Vision is the solution to combine the power of cognitive training with sports vision training so athletes can increase their neural capacity and visual attention.

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