Capture the data from tasks performed in Soma NPT and Soma NPT Vision.


Data on cognitive performance is displayed with simple graphics and easy to understand insights.


Design programs and send them directly to your athletes device.

You can notchange what you do not measure.

Tracking data is important when trying to build a picture of performance progress. Soma Analytics gives you the information you need at a glance, while ensuring you have all the measurements you need in a simple format.

Quantifiable Cognitive Measurements

In-depth cognitive analytics to ensure you get a comprehensive insight into your athletes cognitive performance.


Reaction time

Reaction Time is the amount of time it takes to respond to a stimulus, this is measured in milliseconds.



Speed is a reciprocal transformation of reaction time and in many ways, it has been proven to be more sensitive than simple reaction time to detect fatigue. Its effect size is higher in repeated measures so it can make a more statistically sensitive measure compared to reaction time.



Coefficient of variation (CV) is a statistic used to measure the degree of variation between testing trials in an individual athlete’s repeated measurements.


Rate of correct score (RCS) This score can be interpreted as the number of correct responses per second of activity.


Accuracy is the amount of correct responses to the given stimulus.


RPE is an indicator of perception of effort.


The Visual Analogue Scale of Fatigue Severity is a simple way for athletes to report how they are feeling pre, in and post session.

Soma analytics helps you understand
your athletes neuro cognitive profile

Cognitive Analytics for Soma NPT & Soma NPT Vision

Cognitive performance analytics with actionable insights

Easily integrate neurotechnology into
your high performance environment


Fast deployment

Get up and running fast and at scale, all you need is iPhones, iPads and a laptop and you are all set.

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An easy to use analytics dashboard combined with a user friendly app for your athletes.
Our neurotechnology removes any barriers to getting started.

Athletes Cognitive Performance Analytics for Soma NPT & Soma NPT Vision
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Adapt and change any athletes training plan instantly with our cloud based analytics that links direct to your athletes Soma ID.


Soma Analytics is our cloud based analytics for Soma NPT and Soma NPT Vision that helps you understand your athletes cognitive performance. Soma Analytics provides you with the tools to turn insights into individualised performance plans.

Soma Analytics gives the coach or club the ability to send plans directly into an athletes device.

Yes you can edit plans live that will reflect on their device.

Soma Analytics is designed for clubs, teams and coaches that are wanting to track their athletes neural capacity and build cognitive training plans.

149 Swiss francs per month