Soma NPTCognitive performance app.

Soma NPT is a cognitive performance app designed to increase an athlete's physical and mental capacity by targeting specific areas of the brain. Used extensively in professional sports and the military, Soma NPT provides over 70 cognitive tasks, 12 specialized training modes, and 15 data points per cognitive task to give deep insights into an athlete’s cognitive performance.

Monitor your athlete’s heart rate and HRV during their cognitive training to ensure they are training with optimal cognitive stress levels to create neural adaptations with Soma Analytics.

Apply special modes to increase cognitive load, monitor error detection, measure attentional resources and optimize physical integration with heart rate zone and cardiovascular exertion modes.

Data Insights

  • Reaction Time
  • Speed
  • Variation
  • Accuracy
  • RCS
  • RPE
  • RME
  • RMF
  • HRV SS
  • BPM
  • rMSSD
  • SDNN
  • Duration
  • Time
  • VAS-F

Training Modes

  • Audio Gain Loss Mode
  • Audio Gain Mode
  • Audio Loss Mode
  • Visual Gain Loss Mode
  • Visual Gain Mode
  • Visual Loss Mode
  • Consequence Mode
  • Time to Exhaustion Mode
  • Error Detection Mode
  • Detection Response Task Mode
  • Heart Rate Zone Mode
  • Cardiovascular Exertion Mode
  • Visual Percentile Feedback Mode
  • Adaptive Mode
  • Adaptive Heart Rate Zone Mode
  • Adaptive Heart Rate Variability Mode
  • Task Switching Mode

Why is it so beneficial to increase the brains capacity?

Everybody has a threshold where mental tiredness and physical tiredness begins to slow them down. Athletes and individuals in certain industries like the military will usually have a higher threshold than the general public simply because they have trained themselves to get used to a certain amount of physical fatigue.

However what has been discovered is that it is the BRAINS threshold for fatigue that ultimately will slow you down or inhibit your ability to perform. Having a well trained brain can have a huge impact on a persons ability to “push through the wall” and keep going under different kinds of pain, pressure, stress and fatigue.

Science has proven this. It has long been known that implementing targeted cognitive training can extend the limits of human performance by altering how much fatigue we can handle and for how long.

The “comfort zone” is simply another way of naming a persons threshold for fatigue. Competition is very very tight. Often there are only milliseconds between those who win and those in last place. It may only be one goal or one shot between winners and losers in team sports. When we are dealing with such narrow margins we must begin looking for ways to push past our normal comfort zone. We can already assume all our competitors are well physically trained. In modern sports, the only way to really gain an edge on the competition is to raise the brains threshold and increase capacity for fatigue. We need to be less tired than our opponents. Let them make the mistakes, let them slow down first. Nearly every sport will always boil down to a game of endurance.

Cognitive Training Mockup




Assess your athletes cognitive performance to understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Isolate and identify weak areas with targeted cognitive tasks.


Implement cognitive recovery sessions to benefit from the cognitive training stimulus.


Create cognitive overload and adaptation in the brain to increase an athletes neural capacity.


Integrate Soma Technologies into your athletes schedule seamlessly.