Soma NPTis the most comprehensive cognitive training solution available.

Soma NPT has over 60 cognitive training tasks. The entire system can be used remotely. This is neurotechnology in your pocket. Train your brains capacity anywhere at anytime, without needing to set up in a facility or put up and pack away equipment.

Why is it so beneficial to increase the brains capacity?

Everybody has a threshold where mental tiredness and physical tiredness begins to slow them down.Athletes and individuals in certain industries like the military will usually have a higher threshold than the general public simply because they have trained themselves to get used to a certain amount of physical fatigue.

However what has been discovered is that it is the BRAINS threshold for fatigue that ultimately will slow you down or inhibit your ability to perform. Having a well trained brain can have a huge impact on a persons ability to “push through the wall” and keep going under different kinds of pain, pressure, stress and fatigue.

Science has proven this. It has long been known that implementing targeted cognitive training can extend the limits of human performance by altering how much fatigue we can handle and for how long.

The “comfort zone” is simply another way of naming a persons threshold for fatigue. Competition is very very tight. Often there are only milliseconds between those who win and those in last place. It may only be one goal or one shot between winners and losers in team sports. When we are dealing with such narrow margins we must begin looking for ways to push past our normal comfort zone. We can already assume all our competitors are well physically trained. In modern sports, the only way to really gain an edge on the competition is to raise the brains threshold and increase capacity for fatigue. We need to be less tired than our opponents. Let them make the mistakes, let them slow down first. Nearly every sport will always boil down to a game of endurance.

Cognitive Training Mockup




Assess your athletes cognitive performance to understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Isolate and identify weak areas with targeted cognitive tasks.


Cognitive recovery is essential in order to benefit from the cognitive training stimulus.


Create cognitive overload and adaptation in the brain to increase an athletes neural capacity.


Integrate Soma Technologies into your athlete or team schedule seamlessly with various placement protocols and optional levels of assistance.

Benefits of Brain
Endurance Training (BET)


Soma NPT is designed to increase neural capacity by inducing mental fatigue. This creates adaptations in the brain that reduce perception of effort and allow athletes to have more mental and physical capacity. Soma NPT requires integration from the athlete via tapping the screen or via voice command.

Soma NPT requires iOS 12 or later.

Soma NPT

  • Creates a larger capacity for mental and physical fatigue
  • Increases the ability to focus
  • Enables an athlete to work harder for longer
  • Reduces perception of effort
  • Increases accuracy
  • Increases mental toughness
  • Improves response speed & decision making

Soma NPT is available on both iPad and iPhone.

Soma NPT expands your neural capacity so you can perform your full potential mentally and physically.

  • Soma NPT Vision utilises eye tracking technology.
  • Soma NPT utilises touch screen, voice command and accelerometer technology.

A SOMA ID is a 6 digit code that gives access to the SOMA NPT application.

This means that athletes can log in to SOMA NPT from different devices. They can use their own device for remote training (if required) and they can sign in to a device at your training facility. As long as they are logged in with their own SOMA ID, their data will link to the Soma Analytics and be captured for analysis.

To capture the data for any SOMA ID you must be signed up to the Soma Analytics. Remember this is a separate subscription. You can not log into the Soma Analytics with a SOMA ID. You need to sign up via the webpage and then ADD the SOMA ID of the athlete(s) you are monitoring.

We do not offer free trials for any of the Soma Technologies.

49 Swiss francs per month